Vision & Strategy for the future

PI was established in 2003 with the goal of addressing a glaring opportunity – to tap into the
potential of 1000+ ‘tetrathletes’ competing with the Irish Pony Club. When the organisation
was first started, air pistols were illegal in Ireland and there was little or no fencing expertise in the
country. However, driven by a small group of dedicated volunteers and parents, the organisation
has overcome these and many other challenges to get where it is today. The arrival of Lindsey
Weedon in 2009 allowed PI to make its biggest breakthrough, through the establishment of
the HPP. Lindsey quickly transformed the budding young pentathletes into world class athletes,
culminating in Natalya Coyle and Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe competing in London 2012.

Since then a High Performance unit has been established in Dublin, along with a general manager and administrator.

In 2011 PI rolled out its ‘strategy 2016’, adopting a two pronged approach:

Mass Participation
• Focus on combinations of constituent elements of the sport,
e.g: varied and fun biathlon (run swim) and triathlon (run/swim/shoot) events.
• PI has initiated schools programmes, and is in early discussion with
the Community Games and Local Sport Partnerships to develop the sport.

High Performance Development
• Focus on collaboration with the Irish Pony Club to provide development
pathway for tetrathletes into high performance modern pentathlon
• Providing pathway for development from mass participation programmes

The pathway of development from Pony Club tetrathlon is a proven concept – all four Olympic
medals won by Pentathlon GB in the last three Games were ex tetrathletes. In combination
with targeting this niche opportunity in Ireland, PI is also working to establish collaborative
partnerships with other sports, to ensure the immense potential of multidisciplinary sport
in Ireland is fully realised.

The potential for development of Modern Pentathlon in Ireland is significant. The first three
athletes to enter a HPP have reached world class level within two years, with two qualifying for
the Olympic Games at the first attempt, and the other coming agonisingly close. Within
the next four years, PI expects to have ten to twelve athletes on the HPP, with the potential
to qualify its maximum quota of four for the 2016 Games.

Pentathlon Ireland therefore offers a unique value proposition to both future members, and future
corporate partners. Following its award winning effort in organisation of the under 16 European
Championships for Modern Pentathlon in 2008, PI has now been awarded the opportunity to host
the 2016 Youth World Championships (under 18). The unique nature of the sport of the all round
athlete and high potential of PI to deliver on the world and Olympic stage therefore provides an
exceptional opportunity for corporate partners; the PI philosophy of education and fun though
multidisciplinary sport can provide an equally valuable opportunity to new members. Pentathlon
Ireland has achieved much off very limited resources, and has already shown that it can deliver
on the world and Olympic stage.
The future for Irish sport is bright!