Eanna Bailey

Eanna Bailey


NAME:  Eanna Bailey

DATE OF BIRTH: 30/09/90

HOMETOWN: Rowlestown, Swords, Co. Dublin

OCCUPATION: Student Athlete

TWITTER: @eannabailey


In the early days my sporting career was generally based around pony club and tetrathlon with the Ward Union Pony Club. At the Pony Club tetrathlon nationals one year, Rob Downes among others showed off fencing and invited people to give pentathlon a go. I loved it immediately. With some pressure I managed to convince my parents to allow me to join a swimming club, and so, in transition year in school my enthusiasm showed through and they convinced the swimming club Aer Lingus to take me on (i think it took some convincing the coaches that i was a lot better than i really was). And so i was swimming from 5-7 three mornings a week before school.

At this stage even with this dedication I was felt like i was starting on the back foot. I made sure to make every one of my sessions count more than everyone else that was in the water, as in my eyes I was training a third of the time as everyone else in the pool, so I had to work three times as hard to just be even with the others in the club. This immediately showed through and I started performing much better in the pony club tetrathlon competitions. This spurred me to go one step further and join a running club. I started running under the watchful eyes of Dick Hooper in Raheney Shamrocks up Howth hill. With my running and swimming training now becoming a more regular occurrence I started to really see that I could be a good athlete and made international teams in tetrathlon. These ‘apprentice’ years in international competitions in tetrathlon really whetted my appetite for going further in sport and striving to reach my peak performance in pentathlon.


I was Ireland’s first international medallist in the sport, winning a Silver Medal in the Swiss Open in 2009. I have been Irish National Champion 7 times (overall or age-group), but by far the pinnacle of my career to date was in winning the Silver Medal with Natlya Coyle at World Cup 2 in Palm Springs, USA in 2013.

Eanna and Natalya WC1 USA silver medallists
Eanna and Natalya WC1 USA silver medallists

PERSONAL BEST: in all events please

Fencing: 208 points – 16v-16d – 15th (World Cup 3 Rome 2015)

Swimming: 334 points – 2:02:26 – 5th (Senior World Championships 2011)

Riding: 300 points – Clear – 1st (Junior European Championships 2011, World Cup 4 2012)

Combined: 651 points – 10:49:80 – 20th (Senior World Championships 2011)

Finish: 14th (World Cup 4 Rostov Russia 2012)

SPORTING HEROS: Stuart Bingham

FAVOURITE EVENT: I love the challenge of combining all the events into one sport, you never get bored with doing the same thing day in day out. it is challenging, but fulfilling.