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Welcome to Laser-Run. Straight from the Olympics, Pentathlon Ireland bring you Laser-Run. This new, dynamic and exciting urban sport tests your speed, stamina and endurance along with your skill to aim true and shoot straight under pressure.

Laser-Run consists of an 800m circuit (sometimes with obstacles) with a laser-pistol shooting range at the end. The competitor runs the circuit four times stopping to shoot the target five times after each loop. That’s 3.2 kilometers of running and 20 hits on the target.

However, Laser-Run is a fun and flexible sport-for-all that can be modified to suit any requirements. The course can be made shorter (400m or 200m) and the the circuits can be less (3, 2, or even 1). The shooting range can be brought closer than the standard 10 meter distance and the 5 hits can also be reduced.

This flexibility means that Laser-Run is a sport that anyone can enjoy. From 8 to 80 the sport can be adapted to your requirements.

Basically it’s shooting a laser at a target and then running off….. What could be better?

Pentathlon Ireland would be delighted to facilitate Laser-Run taster days with your school, group or workplace. Just register your interest below and we will get back to you.

Visit Laser Run Ireland for further information about Laser Run and the laser Run Schools programme or contact the Pentathlon Ireland head office

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