Irish National Championships 2022

Irish National Championships 2022

Sive Brassil won the Women’s National Pentathlon Championships in fine style this weekend, winning all disciplines, posting a final score of 1102 points.  The competition started with fencing, where Brassil recorded 14 wins and 4 defeats.  She finished with a time of 2:16.48 in the pool before completing the Laser Run in a time of 12:21.

In the fencing competition Brassil’s 14:4 eclipsed three pentathletes on 12:6, Jed Collins, Hanna D’Aughton and Peter Verling.

In the NAC pool, Ben Makin recorded the best time of 2:06.56, and he also recorded the fastest Laser run of 11.27 to give him a total of 1142 points taking the Men’s Junior title.

The competition took place entirely on the Sport Ireland Campus, with the 600m running course established by National Coach, Andrei Fedotov, just north of the National Pentathlon Centre.

Presenting the prizes, Pentathlon Ireland Chairman congratulated all the participants, while MC and PI Secretary Niav McNamara thanked the team of volunteers who made the event possible.

Next up for the athletes is a 10 day training camp in Portugal at the start of June.


Sive Brassil takes the tape to win the Women’s National Championship at the Sport Ireland Campus, Abbottstown

Ben Makin takes the tape to win the Men’s Junior National Championship at the Sport Ireland Campus, Abbottstown




Senior: 1st Sive Brassil, 2nd Suzie Cave

Junior: 1st Hanna D’Aughton, 2nd Isobel Radford-Dodd

Youth A: 1st Karina Melnyk, 2nd Emilie Galligan



Junior: 1st Ben Makin

Youth A: 1st Robert Cherry, 2nd William Verling, 3rd Caolan Costello

Youth B: 1st Jed Collins, 2nd Peter Verling, 3rd Jamie Hargaden