Laser Run Swords

Laser Run Swords

Laser-Run at Swords Castle.

As part of our build up to the Laser-Run world championship in Dublin in September 2018. Pentathlon Ireland staged its first Laser-Run event on September 30 at Swords Castle, Swords, County Dublin.

The Fingal Laser-Run at Swords Castle near Dublin was run in partnership with Fingal County Council, and there were numerous age categories of competition as well as a shooting practice station.

More than 150 athletes took part on the day and Pentathlon Ireland chief executive Darragh Cunningham said: “It was a great day for Pentathlon Ireland and for all involved. Laser-Run is a fantastic tool for our sport and allows us to engage in mass participation on a scale that is far more difficult for Pentathlon as a whole.








If you have any queries about future Laser Run events please do not hesitate to contact us on 01-6251134

What is Laser Run
Participants will start with a short sprint to the shooting range. From there, using a laser pistol, they shoot their designated target until they register 5 successful hits, or for 50 seconds, whichever comes first. They will then leave the range and run an 800 meter circuit, returning to the shooting range for round two of the shoot. They complete this circuit four times alternating between running and shooting to a total of 3.2 Kilometers and 20 direct hits on the target. Depending on age categories the length and distance may vary.

This sport is extremely fun and adaptable and socially inclusive so everything from the distance run to the shooting can be shortened or lengthened depending upon the participants skill level.

The real skill is not burning yourself out on the run so you can still shoot straight…. But still running fast enough to win. Could you do it?

For further information visit our website Laser Run Ireland